Google Maps and Uber are joining forces

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (4 years, 2 months ago)

Google Maps is set to get a whole hosts of new updates, but this one might be its most interesting one yet. Uber, the car-ordering service app, will be integrating with Maps, and will show up as an option when you search for public-transit-based directions. You will need to have the Uber app preinstalled on your phone in order for it to work, but it just enhances user experience altogether. 

Streamling Uber with Maps is not only intriguing in terms of features, but as a possible indication of the app's future. Google's interest in buying the transportation company has already been noted: its Ventures divison, which is responsible for tech investments, granted Uber a generous $258 million in late 2013. Given the way these things usually go, a deal could be right around the corner. With Google's self-driving cars close to becoming a reality, Uber could factor very much into that. Given the leading-edge technology behind the app, the possibilities for Google are endless. This Maps tie-in could simply be the very first step.

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