Google Launches Tips to Guide You through Its Services

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

Google’s vast array of Apps and tools are designed to be easy to use, but with so many of them, it’s difficult to know all the features available inside out. To help you get the best possible service from their tools, Google has launched Tips, a section dedicated entirely to providing users with useful inside information.

If you’re feeling a little lost you can get Tips for Chrome, Gmail, Google Maps, and Android, amongst other popular Google platforms, all of which have their own individual sections on the site. In all, there are 13 consumer products for which Tips has been made available, so if you’re having any Google-related problems, chances are there’s an answer in there for you somewhere.

Just in case you have an idea for a Google Tip of your own, you can submit your suggestion to the website too, just as long as you have a Google account. Tips include a broad range of subjects from creating excellent presentations to how to use your Android device as a pedometer. So far, Tips is only available on desktop devices, though a mobile version may also become available in the future.

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