Google Introduces Glass Development Kit

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

In San Francisco, Google has revealed its Glass Development Kit (GDK) to a roomful of developers in the hopes of stimulating new developments and applications for the wearable technology.

The development kit was presented on Tuesday to around 100 or so developers who were personally invited to a Glass hackathon event. Prior to this, many elements of Glass have been kept under lock and key by Google as the product was tested on early adopters. The introduction to developers means that Google is getting ready to expand Glass’s functions from the relatively narrow range of features currently available.

With the kit available, developers will now be able to write apps for Glass which work offline, in real time, or which utilize the accelerometer and GPS. Even though Google has not made it easy for apps to be installed until now, Glass’s senior developer Timothy Jordan reported that over 83% of users had installed at least one app.

“The GDK will give you a way to build service for users in a natural and everyday way in their lives,” Jordan said at the hackathon.

The GDK opens up more options for programmers to work with Google Glass, such as the use of the camera, voice commands, and gesture detection. A small handful of companies also demonstrated apps that had been developed thanks to early access to the GDK.

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