Google Glass on sale for just one day

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 5 months ago)

Google are finally opening their arms and welcoming consumers to the world of Glass - for just one day. On Tuesday next week, Google is selling limited amounts of wearable tech to any adult in the United States, along free frames or sunglasses. Sales start at 9 am ET on April 15, and people can sign up to receive a reminder through Google.

This would be Glass' debut as far as consumers go, with the wearables only having been sold to early adopters known as "Explorers." Since their arrival, Google and Glass have faced a lot of backlash and criticism, mostly based around privacy concerns but also because they simply look silly. In what seems to be a neverending carousel of embarrasing news reports, Explorers have been banned from bars and restaurants, given tickets for being distracted while driving, and have also been referred to as "Glassholes."

Google's argument is that more education and exposure is required to build Glass a solid reputation, something they have addressed through several blog posts on the company Glass blog. This one-day sale could lend very well to this campaign - on the other hand, it could deal it a huge blow. 

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