Google Chrome Working on Better Parental Controls

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years, 8 months ago)

This week, Google moved Chrome’s long-awaited parental controls feature into beta testing mode, paving the way for more browser security available to parents and schools.

Low-price and user-friendly Chromebooks have gained serious popularity amongst parents and educators, but there has always been one notable security feature missing from the operating system. Until now, the Chrome OS has been somewhat lacking in the parental settings department, a flaw which could soon be remedied by the latest upgrades to Chrome itself.

The Supervised Users feature currently being tested would increase security for young Chrome users by allowing parents to create and moderate multiple user accounts. Parents will be able to monitor browsing history, as well as adding inappropriate websites to a blacklist and approved websites to a whitelist. Kids can even submit requests to view blocked sites if they want to.

Anyone interested in giving the security boost a try can go ahead and download the beta version of Chrome, which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.  

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