Google Chrome Begins Banning Browser Plug-Ins

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years ago)

Browser plug-ins like Java and Silverlight may be living on borrowed time now, as internet giants Google announce that they will ban all but the most widely-used plug-ins from Chrome.

For years since internet browsers came into use, plug-ins have been use to extend the tasks that browsers are capable of performing. Google have announced that starting from January 2014, browser plug-ins will be banned in favor of programming methods which will incorporate the functions of plug-ins into Chrome.

Plug-ins are not to be confused with the popular Chrome browser add-on options known as extensions, which will not be effected by this ban. Starting in January 2014, all but a small handful of plug-ins will be banned from Chrome completely. The plug-ins given a temporary stay of execution according to Google are: Silverlight, Unity, Google Earth, Java, Google Talk, and Facebook Video. These plug-ins will be spared the initial ban, however by the end of 2014, it is expected that even they will be banned from Chrome completely.

In a statement, Chrome security engineer Justin Schuh explained that the move away from plug-ins was intended to strengthen the capabilities of browsers. “The Web has evolved. Today’s browsers are speedier, safer, and more capable than their ancestors.” Shcuh said, explaining the motivation behind the ban from Google.

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