Germany to order Google to stop pooling customer data

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (4 years, 2 months ago)

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The woes for Google don't seem to be ending. Germany has stated that it will order the company to stop sharing user data between its multiple services, as they deem Google's current user profiles to be too "in-depth" as they are. Search histories, video viewing habits and particular keywords will stop being recorded, in order to prevent the company from getting a too-thorough understanding of its users.

Google has responded to Germany's statement by arguing that its data-sharing policy creates better, more relevant advertisments for users. Should Germany's wish be granted, Google will start having to isolate each of its services. This would give users more control over the information they choose to share, and will prevent situations like having to adopt a Google+ account in order to use YouTube. Given Google's current track record, we wouldn't be surprised if Germany will get to lay down the law and force Google into action.

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