Future Smartphone May Charge Wirelessly through Their Screens

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 9 months ago)

Everyone hates dealing with the wires and chargers that come with our tablets, laptops, and smartphones, but there might be a way around this in the future. Thanks to a new technology, it may soon be possible for smartphones and other mobile devices to charge their batteries directly through their screens without being plugged in to anything at all.

The idea of wireless charging is something that hardware developers have been working on for some time, but the technology has never been sufficiently advanced for the process to be efficient. At the CES conference in Las Vegas last week, Sun Partner Technologies and 3M debuted a device which may be the answer to this problem.

The tiny technology is called a “Wysip” and it looks like a sheet of clear glass that can be embedded into the screens of smart devices, effectively turning them into something akin to a tiny solar panel. Whilst the devices look totally normal from the outside, the device is hard at work charging the battery any time the screen is exposed to natural or artificial light.

Currently, the Wysip could add up to 15% battery life to a smartphone during the day, but it could completely charge smaller devices like e-books and standard phones.

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