Funds for Ukranian army being raised via texting

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 7 months ago)

Ukraine's stalemate with Russia over the status of the Crimea has led to its army being trapped within the region, with the country having recognized the need to support it. In light of this, fundraising efforts via text or calling having been in full swing, after Ukraine's defence agency began an online campaign on its website and Facebook. Ukrainians have been able to automatically donate 5 UAH (about 49 cents USD) to the country's army, and have raised over $375,000. This will aid the country to bring its 25,000-strong Crimea-based forces back to the mainland, after the region voted in favor of being annexed to Russia. While Ukraine is looking to take its forces out, it seems it hasn't lost hope in retaining the Crimea. This was made transparent by the country refusing to acknowledging Russia's victory in the referendum conducted in the region. 

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