Firefighter Working on Life-Saving Google Glass App

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 8 months ago)

Naysayers like to scoff at Google Glass, but the fact remains that the famous smart eyewear has a lot of practical applications beyond taking pictures and making phone calls. One firefighter is on a mission to develop Glass apps that could help save lives in the future.

Patrick Jackson is Colorado firefighter with a passion for technology- combining the two has led to the development of a Google Glass app aimed at helping fire crews in the line of duty. The first function developed on Jackson’s life-saving app will allow Glass to give firefighters directions to emergency callers and nearby hydrants, potentially cutting crucial minutes off the response time.

Currently, Glass is only available to a few thousand selected Explorers and their invitees, but Jackson secured his set by applying to #ifihadglass with details outlining his life-saving plans. The next step, according to Jackson, is an expansion of his app which will allow firefighters to view floor plans of burning buildings, as well as the schematics of vehicles involved in collisions.

As Jackson’s ground-breaking developments continue, fire departments across the country have already begun to show major interest in incorporating Glass into regular use.


(Image credit: Google)

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