Fingerprint Scanner Knows you’re Alive

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 11 months ago)

Bad news for vampires and creative hackers everywhere, NexID’s new fingerprint technology can tell a live fingerprint sample from non-living fakes such as latex casts (and Twilight characters).

If you were following the release of Apple’s iPhone 5S with TouchID sensor, you may have heard that German hackers were able to get past the fingerprint scanner within a matter of days by using a latex mold. NexID Biometrics' fingerprint scanner was developed specifically to be able to tell if the device is being unlocked by a real person or not.

In an attempt to be able to measure the “liveness” of a fingerprint and make the scanner harder to fool, NexID analyzed the difference between various fingerprint images both live and fake. The way your finger moves as you press it onto the scanner, combined with the pulse of blood running through your veins can all identify a fingerprint as living. Using data learned from multiple scans, NexID is able to judge the probability of the fingerprint being live.

At present, NexID’s scanners have been able to report a 96%-98% resistance to faked fingerprints, which the company hopes to be able to refine in the coming months.

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