Find it Fast: Tips and Tricks for Searching Google

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years, 1 month ago)

Google is easily one of the most powerful tools at your disposal when you’re searching for information on the internet, but with so much information available, it can be a little bit difficult to narrow your search down.  Never fear! Here are some tips and tricks for turning impossible searches to successes:

Quotations Marks

Let’s pretend we’re looking for information about the moon landing, to make sure Google doesn’t search for every single website that uses the word ‘moon’ and the word ‘landing’ separately, it is best to use quotation marks. Searching using quotation marks ensures that Google will only search for websites which use that as a whole phrase.

Google Example: “moon landing”

Specific Site Searches

If you know a specific website you want to search, you can do this in Google too. Use the modifier ‘site:’ to narrow it down to a single website.

Google Example: “moon landing”

Excluding Words

If, for example, you’re still looking for information on the moon landing, but you don’t want to hear anything about conspiracy theories, this is possible too. Select the word you want to exclude from your searches and include it in your search with a “-“ sign before it. This will leave out any result which contains your unwanted word.

Google Example: “moon landing” –conspiracy.


If you want to include a word in your search but don’t want to include every possible synonym for this word, this is possible by placing the “~” sign in front of the word. This way your results will include similar words and synonyms

Google Example: “moon landing” ~launch


You may not know that Google also has a very handy dictionary function built into it. If you’re wondering about the meaning of a word, simply type “define:” into Google before the word you want defined.

Google Example: define:lunar

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