FCC chairman: Internet fast lane would be "commercially unreasonable"

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (4 years, 2 months ago)

Despite what the Federal Communications Commission has voted to consider, its chairman has noted that the agency could very well move to block the rise of Internet fast lanes, as opposed to introduce them. Tom Wheeler has acknowledged that Internet providers would be unbalancing a "virtuous cycle" by introducing charges to companies in order to allow them to clamp down on what is otherwise free-flowing information. The chairman also said the FCC would have the legal authority to intervene should there be any violation of the proposed rules. Wheeler also admitted that fast lanes would be "commercially unreasonable," when told that a fast lane could cause a decline in service for some Internet users. 

There is still some time before the FCC decides whether to sanction or outright ban paid prioritization; currently the public is submitting its own views of the proposal. However, if Wheeler is anything to go by, there still seems to be some reluctance about it all within the agency itself. 

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