Facial-Detection Billboard Screens Target Ads Just for You

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

British supermarket chain Tesco is rolling out the latest in “Minority Report”-style advertising techniques: eye-scanning screens which target customers with appropriate advertising.

The screens, called OptimEyes, will be installed in filling station branches of the store, right next to cash registers. Queuing customers will be scanned by the built-in cameras, which will use facial-detection software to determine both their age and gender. Advertisements on the screen will be displayed according to the demographic relevance to the detected customers.

The OptimEyes advertising technology was developed by Amscreen, a digital signage company belonging to renowned business magnate Lord Alan Sugar, and run by his son, Simon Sugar. The technology works by using built-in cameras and software to detect customer’s faces, but not to recognize them individually.

The new technology is expected to be rolled out to all 450 of Tesco’s filling stations, and may possibly come into use by other British supermarket chains. Thanks to the screens’ built-in technology, advertisers will be able to gather data on exactly how many customers have seen their campaigns in a particular location over any length of time.

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