Facebook pulls Poke app from the App Store

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (4 years, 2 months ago)

Image sourceibnlive.in.com

Facebook has quietly retired its Poke app, its supposed Snapchat competitor. The app's removal from the iOS App Store was confirmed by reps of the company, and was most likely due to a lack of users. Poke failed to garner the same popularity Snapchat did, and never got the series of updates such an app would require. Facebook's standalone Camera app was also pulled from the App Store, although this is down to it becoming redundant. The main Facebook app has incorporated all the features Camera once hosted alone: sharing multiple photos, adding filters, and a more complex tagging system. 

While these particular apps have been removed, Facebook's new Creative Labs teams is working on a whole slew of new mobile apps. Paper, the team's first creation launched back in February, is hugely popular, and any app built along those lines is bound to receive the same sort of warm reception. 

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