Facebook Pages Gets a Facelift

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 7 months ago)

This week, Facebook will give its Pages a little nip and tuck on the desktop version, simplifying the design and making it easier for users to find important information.

Pages are the public profiles for brands, businesses, celebrities and more, and as such don’t function exactly the same as normal user pages, which were already remodeled last year. The changes made to Pages can be expected to roll out later this week across all Pages seen on desktop devices. According to the images released by Facebook, we can expect to see neater Pages, with changes similar to the ones made to user profiles last year. A column on the left will display information such as business hours, locations, and photos, whilst the right side of the Page is reserved for posts.

The look of Facebook’s Pages on mobile devices was already updated last year, making it simpler for people to locate information and business details. These changes are good news for Page owners too, who will get a better idea of how their advertisements are performing.

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