Facebook Losing Popularity amongst Teens

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 12 months ago)

Teenagers are a fickle group, and Zuckerberg’s team might be about to learn that the hard way as Facebook slides down to second place as the most important social network for American teens.

The Pew Research Center’s semi-annual report on teenage internet habits has seen a steady decline in Facebook’s popularity within the last year. This time last year a huge 42% of teens stated that Facebook was the most important social media platform, but over the course of the year, this figure has dropped heavily to only 23%.

For the first time ever, the most popular site in teen social media is Twitter, which was rated most important by 26% of teens. Currently, Facebook is tied for second place with photo-sharing app Instagram, which has rocketed to popularity within the last year. It is worth noting, though that Instagram were in fact bought out by Facebook and can technically by classified as a division within Mark Zuckerberg’s power company. But the teenagers don’t really care about that.

Statistics aside though, we shouldn’t be expecting some sort of teen exodus from Facebook, so there’s no need for Zuckerberg’s investors to feel nervous yet. Evidence shows that not only do they still use the social media site very frequently, but only 6% of American teens admit to not having a Facebook account.

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