Facebook Launches Shared Photo Albums

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years ago)

Everyone sees a different side of every event, but Facebook’s  latest update will put all those different experiences into one album. The ability to created shared albums means that all the photos from a single trip or party can be grouped together even if they were taken and uploaded by different people.

Up to 50 people can upload up to 200 photos in each shared album, allowing for a possible total of 10,000 photos per shared album. Facebook users will also be able to tag, edit and caption any photos they have added just as in any normal Facebook photo album. The album’s creator can adjust the privacy settings to allow the public, friends, or only the contributors to view the album.

In an official statement announcing the new updates, Facebook officials explained that with so much content being uploaded and shared by over 1 billion Facebook users, these photo albums are a new way to make sharing with friends and family easier. Whilst the idea of shared albums was already tackled by startups such as Albumatic and Keepsy, the popularity  and ease-of-access that Facebook offers make this update well suited to the site.

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