Facebook introducing new Ask button

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (4 years, 1 month ago)

Facebook has decided it wants to save you some social awkwardness through the introduction of its new feature. A new button added to profile settings will allow you to ask your friends their nature of their relationship status, if they've left it blank. You can include a personal note with your request, as well as include your own relationship status along with it. This comes along with a set of other ask features, including requests for information about users' hometowns, addresses, phone numbers, emails and more.

The main purpose for this series of features is to better targeted advertising, as part of a way to attract marketers to Facebook. To us, it sounds vaguely creepy. You are not obliged to answer your friends' requests, nor are non-friends permitted to request that same information. Still, this completely eliminates the need for actual communication between friends. Something that shouldn't really pose such a threat to users.

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