Facebook continues to attack "spammy" Newsfeed content

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 5 months ago)

Facebook is upping the witch hunt against lowbrow content. The company announced yesterday that it plans on penalizing pages that indulge in three types of content: "Like-baiting" posts that encourage users to like or share a spammy image; "Frequently Circulated Content" along the lines of "reposting" the same thing over and over; and "Spammy Links" which trick people into clicking on them.  Too many spammy posts and game invites in Newsfeeds drive less engagement, which is what the social media giant is trying to tackle.

The problem that Facebook doesn't appear to realize is that it's one thing to punish the publishers of the content. The main issue is stopping actual users from promoting spammy content. This is a different matter entirely, and something Facebook should consider when it starts sweeping Newsfeeds.

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