Europe Follows Suit on In-Flight Electronics

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

Switching off your phone or tablet in time for your flight to take off will become a thing of the past for airline passengers across Europe within the coming months.

Following a similar ruling by the Federal Aviation Administration in October, American flights on several airlines have already begun allowing gate-to-gate device use. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has now approved the same ruling and is expected to hand out guidelines to European airlines by the end of November.

Personal electronic devices such as tablets, e-readers and even phones should soon be allowed on during all phases of a flight provided that they are switched to “airplane mode”. The ruling will still not allow laptops and larger devices to be used during take-off and landing, as these bulkier items but remain stowed away until permission is given by the cabin crew.

Whilst this new ruling should soon come into effect across Europe, passengers are reminded that the changes will be implemented on an airline-by-airline basis. Passengers are expected to use their mobile devices in compliance with the in-flight policy of their airline until the change becomes universal. European airlines will shortly be expected to begin testing their safety in accordance to EASA’s new ruling on mobile devices.

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