EU Calls for Phone Charger Standardization

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years ago)

For years, members of the European Parliament have been pushing for a single universal phone charger that would take the place of the sack full of mismatched old chargers most of us have got lying around by now. This week, the EU took one step closer to making this a reality by voting in favour of a law which would make universal chargers mandatory for phone companies.

The internal market and consumer protection committee unanimously agreed to enact legislature which would require manufacturing companies to create standardized chargers. In 2010, the European Commission chose the Micro-USB interface to be Europe’s official standard. Since the official adoption of the Micro-USB, most phone makers in Europe have already conformed to include the interface in their charger designs, however it was never mandatory.

The biggest fish to fry for the European Parliament in their quest for universal phone chargers will definitely be Apple. Despite signing an agreement regarding the Micro-USB charger in 2009, Apple still use their 30-pin and Lightning connectors. Though the new European legislature may effect smaller phone manufacturers, or those based in Europe, it is unlikely to change much in the near future with regards to tech giant Apple.

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