Energy drink brand launches campaign directed at silencing internet trolls

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (4 years, 1 month ago)

It takes a special kind of person to enjoy spending their time relentlessly hurling abuse at the same person, or group of people – but yet the internet troll has hit and seems to be here to stay. With a recent spike in the amount of troll-related stories invading the news, everyone from normal internet users to celebrities to politicians has expressed a need to clamp down on the abusers.

Through a recent relaunch of their brand, V Energy has encouraged people to silence the internet trolls they encounter – with positivity. The brand has created a web button that scans websites like Twitter and Facebook for abusive comments, and replaces any negative words with more positive ones – for example ‘hate’, ‘stupid’ and ‘punch’ are substituted for ‘rainbow’, ‘unicorn’ and ‘cupcake’. The web button can be added as an extension to both Chrome and Firefox, and can be downloaded off

Obviously this isn’t the ultimate solution to rid the internet of abusive trolling, but at least it gives a very serious issue a humorous spin – and it gives the trolls a taste of their own medicine.  

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