eBay Clamps Down on Flappy Bird iPhone Sales

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 8 months ago)

Ever since Flappy Bird became unavailable late last week, stories have been circulating around the internet about iPhones selling for thousands of dollars simply by merit of having the popular app installed. Before you hand over your smartphones to a bidding war, we have some bad news for you: eBay will not allow any of these auctions to take place.

Despite rumors that an iPhone was auctioned off for $100,000 to frenzied Flappy Bird fanatics, it is actually highly unlikely that any sale of the sort has actually gone through on eBay or anywhere else. Aside from the fact that this is clearly an absurd price to pay for a product which costs $850 at most, several other factors are curbing the Flappy Bird auction trend; in particular, eBay’s listing policies are a concern.

According to the auction site’s selling policy, users are not allowed to sell copyrighted material without authorization from the creator- and Flappy Bird is the creative property of attention-shy Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen. In emails to offending sellers, eBay referred to their policies and guidelines, stating that users must clear their smart devices of content before attempting to relist them.

Aside from the fact that selling these Flappy Bird-enabled iPhones is being disallowed by eBay, it is worth noting that the game can be easily obtained by Android users by downloading the APK file from the internet. Not quite worth $100,000 for the effort of side-loading a free application.

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