Dropbox Denies Website Hack

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 8 months ago)

When popular cloud storage site Dropbox went down this weekend, hacktivists Anonymous were quick to step up and take credit for what was potentially a huge security breach. However, much to the relief of users around the world, the backup service has written of the incident as nothing more than a well-timed hoax.

Although the hackers claimed in a tweet to have succeeded in compromising the Dropbox website, company officials have released a statement to the contrary. In a blog post, the company affirmed to users that any downtime being experienced was due to a technical issue which was being worked on. Following the alleged attack the company also reached out to news outlets such as techcruch.com to assert that no hacking had actually occurred.

Despite denials from the storage company, another hacker group known as 1775sec came forward to claim responsibility for the alleged security breach. According to Twitter accounts supposedly belonging to the hackers, the denied attack was carried out in memory of internet activist Aaron Swartz, who passed away in 2013. One of the hacker groups has claimed to have stolen a list of email addresses from Dropbox whilst the site was being breached.

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