Does your Phone Need an Anti-Virus?

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 11 months ago)

Everyone knows that if you’re browsing the internet, it’s best to have a solid anti-virus program installed on your PC, but what about your phone or tablet? Even though mobile devices running on Android or iOS do not have many common viruses, malware still exists and may be downloaded to your phone or tablet when you are browsing the internet.

Since mobile devices have typically held a smaller market share than desktop PCs or laptops, they have held less interest to hackers who wish to infect as many users as possible with malware and other malware. However, in recent years it has become more and more common to own devices such as tablets and smartphones, which are more accessible to many people and have in fact overtaken traditional PCs in popularity. This sudden rise in popularity is one of the key reasons that hackers have begun to write malware specifically for small devices.

A secondary factor which has made mobile devices become increasingly tempting targets for hackers writing malware is that these days, we’re likely to have highly sensitive information available on our mobile devices. Many of us use our phones and tablets to complete financial transactions or access various websites online, and this is the information hackers and cyber criminals are most interested in acquiring. Owing to this reason amongst others, it was found that malware targeting mobile devices increased by 250% in 2010 and has been climbing since then.

Thankfully, where there is demand these days there is always a quick supply, and several developers have started to offer anti-virus Apps over multiple platforms. Your mobile device (and your data) can be protected by Apps such as Avast! Free Mobile Security, and Kaspersky Mobile Security (Lite) for Android, as well as McAfee or Norton’s Antivirus for iPhone.

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