Dell Users Complain New Laptops Smell like Cat Urine

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

Earlier this year, Dell users were up in arms about the peculiar smell coming from their crop of newly-shipped Latitude 6430u laptops. The smell, which was described by users to be similar to cat urine, went unidentified for four months until an announcement this week.

After all this time, Dell has finally come forward to say the mystery of the smell has been solved- and thankfully it’s got nothing to do with kitty litter. The apparent culprit in this of this pungent crisis is reported to be none other than the laptop’s palm rest. What caused this seemingly innocent component to smell so strange is still a mystery, though Dell have reassured unhappy clients that no urine or any other type of biological material was involved in the manufacturing process.

The uproar over the laptops began with a few complaints in June, which received only minimal attention from Dell’s customer support, who initially suggested to users that they simply remove and clean their keyboards. As further complaints kept pouring in throughout the summer months, Dell had several customers ship their laptops in for analysis before the problem was finally identified.

The faulty parts have been removed from production of new laptops, and Dell will also offer affected customers a replacement part without the suspicious smell of cat all over it.

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