CryptoLocker Crooks Adjust Prices for Bitcoin Rise

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

Malicious ransomware CryptoLocker has been harassing unsuspecting users since it was first reported in September of this year. As the program spread, the cybercriminals behind it made a couple of adjustments, but the most recent one surprisingly adjusts for the recent rate of Bitcoin inflation.

When CryptoLocker was first released, the malware demanded 2 Bitcoins as a ransom in return for a victim’s locked data. At the time of the malware’s emergence, the price for a single Bitcoin had not risen higher than $150 per coin; however recent attention to the digital currency has seen a sudden, massive price rise. This week saw Bitcoins rising at amazing rates to hit a price of over $700, making the original 2 coin CryptoLocker ransom a costly $1,400 total rate.

Not about to be thrown by this rise in the market, CryptoLocker’s crooked designers have kept to their original price by changing their malware. Researchers at security company F-Secure have reported this week that the latest version of the malware has changed the Bitcoin demand price to match the times. Users unfortunate enough to find themselves presented with a copy of the ransomware are now being asked to pay half a Bitcoin for their lost data.

Decency may be lacking in the world of CryptoLocker, but marketing sense still seems to be alive and well.

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