Creative Ad Campaign Encourages Girls to become Engineers and Developers

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

It’s a problem often puzzled over by parents with young daughters- there aren’t anywhere near enough toys that encourage girls to use logic, solve problems and build things. Toy company Goldiebox is looking for a solution for that by creating clever toys for smart little girls which might just encourage them to someday enter typically male-dominated professions.

The company’s latest promotional video is a fantastic example of this great idea; involving some bored little girls and an amazing Rube Goldberg Machine built in part with Goldiebox toys. The contraption flips, spins, rolls bowling balls, opens doors and sets a whole wonderful chain reaction in motion that will hopefully encourage young girls and parents alike to be more interested in breaking childhood stereotypes.

The video has already received over 3 million views on YouTube despite only having been posted 3 days ago. Goldiebox itself launched just over a year ago when founder Debbie Sterling decided that she’d had enough of the poor offerings for little girls in the toy store. The Stanford-trained engineer started her company with a crowd-funding campaign that raised just over $170,000 for the cause.

Currently Goldiebox offers two main products, both toys which aim to teach young girls spatial relationships as well as some basic engineering concepts to create a variety of possible construction projects.

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