Court documents reveal Samsung planned to drop Android

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (4 years, 3 months ago)

Internal documents have revealed that Samsung is working on cutting off its association with Google by eventually substituting Android with its own OS. The leaked documents underline Samsung's belief that their path to market supremacy over Apple is being blocked by its deal with Google, and that it is capable of building its own operating system that will be faster, more attractive to users, and overall better. 

This altogether seems like terrible timing for this to be leaked. Samsung is currently embroiled in a huge trial with Apple over infringement and patent laws. The only reason why Samsung are considered to be at the same level as Apple is because of Android. In my opinion, HTC makes far better Android (and Windows) phones, and it's only recent that Samsung has begun to sit up and take notice of this rival. In between the court battle, neverending releases of new phones or tablets, and competing with rising brands like HTC, there doesn't seem to be the time or the space for Samsung to kick Google to the curb. In a nutshell, the South Korean tech giant has a lot of serious thinking to do - and has a lot of big questions to answer where its future lies. 

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