Could Target Have Prevented November Security Breach?

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 6 months ago)

In November, a massive breach in Target’s security system allowed the credit card details and personal information of over 40 million customers to be stolen by hackers. A new report from Bloomberg claimed this week that the hack and subsequent data theft could have been prevented by better security protocols.

According to Bloomberg’s report, Target’s security system at the time was a state-of-art network specifically designed to identify hack before they could cause any real damage. However, as millions of Target customers learned late last year, this system somehow did not stand up against the malware which stole their information. Bloomberg’s report concludes that it was not the security system itself which was at fault, but a lack of action from Target’s side.

McAfee’s director of threat intelligence operations Jim Walter went as far as to call the malware used in the Target attack “unsophisticated” and “uninteresting” when speaking to Bloomberg. Walter went on to say that the security breach would not have been so extensive and damaging if Target had had a “firm grasp on its network security environment.”

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