Complaints about New YouTube Comments System Continue to Pile Up

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 11 months ago)

Ever since the rollout of YouTube’s new Google+ only comments system, complaints by the thousand have flooded in from angry users.

YouTube’s new comments system was supposedly intended to bring positive commentary to the fore and show users content which is more relevant to them by displaying feedback left by friends and popular users. There are those who are not convinced that Google’s actions were quite so well-intentioned, particularly since the new system pushes the flagging Google+ social network.

Unlike the previous system, it is now mandatory for YouTube users to have a connected Google+ account before they can leave any comments. Users who do not wish to use their real names on YouTube are up in arms about the lack of choice in the matter. As of writing, there is a petition with over 190,000 signatures calling for the return to the original comments format.

Other users have flooded Google’s Product Forum pages with complaints and rejections of the new rules and the lack of anonymity on YouTube. Popular YouTube content creators such as Total Biscuit and PewDiePie, with millions of subscribers and views between them, have shut down their YouTube comments or redirected them to off-site sources such as Reddit. YouTube’s own video announcing the change has over 34,000 comments to date, many of them angry and demanding a return to the old system.

With media coverage picking up on platforms like CNN, TIME, Huffington Post and The Guardian UK, it seems to be only a matter of time until YouTube has to take notice.

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