Color-Coded ‘Smart Tags’ can Detect Food Spoilage

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 7 months ago)

A new technology may be able to take a lot of the risk out of long-term food storage. If you’re sick of sniffing the contents of your fridge to make sure everything is still edible, new smart tags may be able to help you.

The tiny color-coded ‘smart tags’ were created by researchers working at Peking University in Beijing, China in order to detect spoilage in food and medications. The tags are about the size of a kernel of corn, and are designed to be easily affixed to food containers or medicine bottles. Once in place, the smart tags will be able to tell whether the products are still safe to consume.

In a statement to the press, lead researcher Chao Zhang said that the incredible smart technology would be inexpensive, safe, and easily programmable to fit different situations. The tags will be able to account for variables such as exposure to high temperatures, which may accelerate the spoiling process in many foods.

Though the smart tags are not yet available to the public, the research team has confirmed that they are in the process of seeking out a manufacturer.

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