Churches Use GPS to Track Baby Jesus

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

Christmas is almost upon us, so of course churches around the world are decorated to celebrate the holiday; but a global pranking trend has led some churches to seek a more creative technological solution. Thieves who decide to steal baby Jesus statues might get a surprise this year as some churches turn to GPS tracking to keep an eye on their nativity scene.

Stealing figures from Christmas manger scenes is a rather nasty trick, but it seems that it may be a common enough issue to require attention from security experts. Brickhouse Securities of Jersey City, New Jersey, has begun handing out GPS devices to religious institutions absolutely free of charge. The mini-GPS monitors will be able to help churches keep track of their holy figures in case they miraculously disappear.

NBC News revealed that the disappearing nativity figures was by no means a problem confined to New Jersey, in fact Churches around Illinois have already begun implementing a GPS tracking system. What exactly happens to someone caught taking the baby Jesus on a holy holiday from the manger is yet to be seen.

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