Child-Tracking Smartwatch to be Released in China

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

Paranoid parents rejoice! You never have to wonder where your children are again now that China-based firm Qihoo 360 has burst onto the wearable tech market with a smartwatch which will allow you to track your kids at all times.

Qihoo founder Zhou Hongyi said to the China Daily that the smartwatch was aimed at helping parents “protect their children from human trafficking and other tragic accidents”. Parents will be able to use an app available for download on the Qihoo site to track their children’s whereabouts at all times- assuming they keep the watch on, of course.

Parents will be able to use a remote audio recording function to receive 15-second clips recorded by the smartwatch and listen in to their child’s surroundings. The sneaky smartwatch can also alert mom and dad to any divergence from normal routes- so no sneaking off and playing hooky for kids in China.

Although the move may seem hard to understand for many in the west, child trafficking is a serious problem in China, with a total of 92 kidnapped children being rescued by Chinese authorities in September alone. Whether it will help to quell that disturbing statistic or not, the Qihoo 360 smartwatch is expected to hit shelves in China by the end of this year for a retail price of around $33 (200 Chinese Yuan).

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