Can You Trust Your Fingerprints to the iPhone 5S?

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years ago)

Amidst rising privacy and online security concerns around the world, Apple’s release of the fingerprint-scanning iPhone 5S might seem to be a slightly poorly-timed move for the technology giant.

Since the announcement of Apple’s latest line of phones at their September 10th event, many have voiced their concerns about the safety of willingly offering up scanned fingerprints. When the phone goes on sale on September 20th, it will come complete with a fingerprint sensor located under its Home button which will allow users to register their finger prints with the device. The idea is for fingerprints to replace passwords on the iPhone and safeguard against hackers or thieves.

Although these worries are very understandable, Apple customers might be pleased to hear that security experts find the idea of Apple leaking user fingerprints to be highly unlikely. Apple have gone on record to say that fingerprints will not be backed up on their own servers of the iCloud, but will be encrypted within the phone itself. As of yet there are no plans to allow third-party applications to access the fingerprint sensor.

Although fears may remain that fingerprints maybe requested from Apple by the NSA, it is thought that such a request would require a separate warrant and would not be as easy to procure as customers may fear.

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