Bill Gates surprises Reddit

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 9 months ago)

Reddit's annual secret Santa present exchange was even more surprising than usual, when it transpired that the mysterious giver for one particular gift was Microsoft founder Bill Gates. The lucky girl was unknowingly matched with Gates in the system, who shipped over a package full of goodies. Inside was a travel book with a personal description, a stuffed cow and a charitable donation to Heifer International, which "gives families in need the right tools such as animals, seeds, clean water, safe stoves or a chance for girls to go to school." All of them were signed "Bill", however Redditor Rachel only made the connection with Gates when she found an enclosed of the Microsoft founder holding her gifts. While Rachel couldn't stop gushing about Gates, she also found herself having to apologize to him for the contents of her wishlist: "Sorry for the Apple iPad on my wishlist, that was really awkward."

Nearly 60,000 users took part in Reddit's 2012 secret Santa last year, with numbers more than likely to boom next Christmas after this revelation. 

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