Be patient and get 1000 GB cloud storage

Posted by: Gergely Sumegi (3 years, 8 months ago)

A new Chinese cloud storage service, Yunio offers 1000 GB or 1 TB cloud storage for those who wait. Why do you need to get patient? Because you will get 5 GB on the first day and your storage grows at a rate of 1 GB per day.

To use the service, you need to register with your name and email and a password of course. Upon registration, you get straight to your admin interface, where you can upload your files by dragging them or via the traditional Browse window.

You can assign public links to your files, and you can make them private too. You can arrange them into folders or download them at any time.

The free version has some minor limitations, such as a 5 GB size limit per file, a restricted number of synchronised (10) and shared (5) folders, and files moved to the bin get deleted automatically after 7 days.

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