Apple sued over missing iMessages

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (4 years, 1 month ago)

A California woman has taken out a lawsuit against Apple owing to missing text messages, after giving up her iPhone for an Android. The woman claims that "countless" texts didn't reach her following the change. Adrienne Moore has alleged that Apple is violating her wireless contract, and that there was no warning about this issue, even though the company is well-aware of it.

As the class action lawsuit specifies:

Apple tortiously interfered with the contract for cellular service between these putative class members and their cellular telephone carrier in that Apple’s actions prevented the subscribers from receiving all of their text messages, as they were entitled to obtain through their cellular wireless service contracts.

This claim doesn't go unfounded, given this problem has been well-documented. The problem comes when people do not log out of iMessage after they stop using their iPhones. Automatically, iMessage continues to send texts as if another iPhone were still involved. The problem intensifies if the iPhone in question is only associated with a phone number rather than an Apple ID, making logging out that much more difficult. The only otpion so far is to wait 30 days for iMessage to automatically reset itself. 

The suit claims that Apple has never worked on a way to fix the problem. At least one wireless carrier has approached the tech giant to look into the issue, but Apple has reportedly been difficult about assigning the necessary resources. 

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