Apple Researching Practical Solar Chargers

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 11 months ago)

Solar chargers for your personal electronic devices are out there if you’re interested, but they’re hardly the most common power solutions on the market today. Apple seems to want to put an end to that by creating portable solar chargers which can be used easily with all mobile devices.

A patent published by the USPTO this week reveals that Apple has been working on devices which will be capable of delivering solar-charged power to mobile devices. The patent was titled “Power management systems for accepting adapter and solar power in electronic devices” and seems to be focused on a system which will allow Apple devices to use solar power without the need for an external converter. So you could potentially be able to plug your device into your regular charger, or directly into a solar charger, or you may be able to attach both power supplies at once to charge more economically.

The advancement of solar technology could mean that Apple may eventually be able to integrate solar-powered technology directly into devices without much modification. Of course, a patent application does not necessarily mean that we will see solar chargers from Apple soon, or even that we will see them at all, but it would be a welcome solution to the oft-mentioned battery life problems that Apple devices tend to suffer from.

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