Apple launching OS X Mavericks

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 11 months ago)

With the latest Apple event happening in a matter of hours, there are a number of updates we are anticipating. These include the iPad 5 (the main purpose for the launch), the second generation iPad Mini, and the latest update to the Apple operating system in the form of OS X Mavericks. Updates for the Mac Pro and Apple TV are also expected, but tongues are wagging about the latest OS update, which is the first since Mountain Lion was launched.

OS X Mavericks is the first update to drop the big cat name, after the aforementioned Mountain Lion and, prior to that, Snow Leopard. Like its predecessor, you will be able to upgrade your preowned Macbook or iMac to Mavericks by going through the App Store – whether it will be free or for a price, we have yet to find out.

There are several new features we can expect with Mavericks, including a long-awaited updated to Finder, a more personalized version of Safari, and the addition of iBooks. Apple has also seen to adding several power-saving features in the form of advanced background tech. Timer Coalescing for example tweaks the processor usage to increase idle time by up to 72%, resulting in much more battery life. Safari also includes a Power Saver, which stops battery-zapping plugins and animations on websites from draining too much battery.

We can expect a lot more than this to be announced. Until then, we’ll be counting the minutes till the event begins. 

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