Apple is a Girl’s Best Friend (but Gentlemen Prefer Samsung)

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 7 months ago)

What’s your favorite smartphone on the market? It seems like the digital battle of the sexes may include device preferences, with men opting for Samsung gadgets while women prefer Apple.

You may not conform to these statistics, but research has confirmed that there is a definitely preference for particular brands which varies between genders. The study into technology preferences was sponsored by KS Mobile, and found that a full 45% of women preferred Apple mobile devices over any competitors. On the other hand the majority of men (a comparatively small 33%) preferred Samsung devices above all other in almost all demographics.

Whilst Apple reigned as Queen across America, other mobile device providers seemed to struggle to keep up with the ever-competitive device market. While around 25% of either gender stated that they had no particular smartphone preference, only a poor 3% of respondents claimed to prefer Nokia devices.  This isn’t a great showing for the phone provider which once ruled the market with its unbreakable early mobiles, but it’s still better than BlackBerry’s measly 2% preference rating and Microsoft’s disappointing 1% showing.

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