Apple Introduce Touch ID

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years ago)

        Amidst the excitement of yesterday’s big Apple event, perhaps the most interesting new piece of technology being debuted isn’t a smartphone, but rather just one part of the phone. Apple’s new flagship iPhone, the 5S, was introduced with one incredible feature: a biometric fingerprint sensor.

The new fingerprint scanner, called Touch ID, will be available to the public only on the iPhone 5S when it is released on 20th September. Hidden under the home button just beneath the iPhone screen, Apple’s innovative fingerprint sensor will be able to totally replace the 4-digit iPhone password which is used by many people to protect against unwanted phone access. Fingerprints will also be able to authorize iTunes purchases, though it will not yet grant access to iCloud data or replace Apple keychain passwords.

Whilst fingerprint sensors may very well be the way of the future with regards to data protection and privacy, proud new iPhone owners should not consider their smartphones impregnable by any means. Fingerprint sensor technology has been available for the past two decades, and the programs have certainly been hacked in the past. Doubtless that ingenious hackers will be able to find their way past Apple’s encrypted security programs once the iPhone 5s is released to the public, though hopefully it will be more difficult for them than ever.

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