Apple devices to get access to free movies on United flights

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 6 months ago)

Apple users choosing to fly United Airlines are due for a treat, if rumors are true. It seems the airline will soon be offering iPhone, iPad and Mac users access to about 350 movies and TV shows - for free. While iPhone and iPad users are to expect an update to the United iOS app that will come with an in-flight movie service, those with Macs won't even need an app to get access. So far, United are said to be making the service available on select aircrafts, but will then roll it out across its entire fleet. It has not been confirmed whether Android users, or users of any other OS, are to expect similar treatment.

United is just one of several airlines looking into such a service. Lufthansa is planning to offer personal in-flight entertainment to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices through its BoardConnect entertainment system. On the other hand, Southwest currently offers the service via WI-Fi, albeit for a fee.

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