Apple demanding more money from Samsung

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (4 years, 1 month ago)

Apple's victory over Samsung in their long-running lawsuit was quite the pyrrhic one, and this was felt significantly down in Cupertino. Now the iPhone maker is demanding a retrial, with the $2.2 billion in damages it initially sought suddenly back in question. The original trial saw Apple accusing the Korean companjy of "systematically" copying features distinctive to its iOS software, which led to a significantly lower payout of $119 million.

Apple has now requested, as part of a separate motion, increased damages for the patents Samsung was found to have infringed, as well as a new judgement that the company had infringed a further two patents. An alternative request is for a new trial on infringement of the two patents that the jury decided Samsung had not infringed, and a new trial regarding damages for all five of Apple's asserted patents. 

While the chance of a retrial is questionable, it seems this battle between the two tech giants will not be coming to a halt any time soon. 

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