Apple Adds Entire Selfie Section to the App Store

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 6 months ago)

The selfie phenomenon isn’t going anywhere, so don’t hold your breath if you’re tired of seeing that steady stream of smartphone photos on your Facebook feed. Although 2013 was announced as the ‘Year of the Selfie’, the trend is only gaining more speed, prompting iPhone makers Apple to add an entire section for selfie-related applications on their App Store.

On Thursday, the iTunes App Store got a brand new section entirely devoted to taking and sharing selfies. Filing out the ranks were the already-popular apps like Snapchat and Justin Beiber’s Shots, along with photo-editing apps like Facetune and diary app Picr. The updated section should be available shortly on all iOS devices for both the mobile and desktop versions of the App Store.

Last year, the Oxford English Dictionary crowned “selfie” as word of the Year, stating that “if it is good enough for the Obamas or the pope, then it is good enough for Word of the Year.”

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