Alicia Keys and BlackBerry Part Ways

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 9 months ago)


Ever since taking the helm at BlackBerry, CEO John Chen has been culling the company’s executive ranks in an attempt to bring new blood and innovation into the company. After taking over from Thorsten Heins in November 2013, Chen axed a number of high-ranking executives, and the latest job on the chopping block is none other than Global Creative Director, Alicia Keys.

The talented songstress officially functioned as BlackBerry’s international spokesperson, and was a prominent hire made by Heins during his tenure as CEO. However, with a reported loss of $4.4 billion in the last quarter, a high-paid celebrity face on board is probably less of a priority than it was previously, particularly one with no current chart placing. Some critics have suggested that one of the reasons for Keys’ dismissal may be the fact that the singer has not had a single since early in 2013, and her last truly chart-topping hit was 2012’s “Girl on Fire”.

Keys’ contract with BlackBerry will officially end on January 30th, precisely one year after she was first signed on by Heins. With the company continuing to tighten its belt under Chen’s management, it remains to be seen whether these measures will be enough to save BlackBerry’s hide.

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