65% of Parents Check on Teens’ Smartphones

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years ago)

Remember the times when parents had to read diaries or follow their kids around if they wanted to know what they were up to outside the house? These days, kids might have a much harder time fooling mom and dad now that 65% of parents admit to checking their kids’ smartphones.

A new Harris Interactive poll found that 65% of parents check the smartphone of kids aged between 8 and 12. Though this figure tends to relax somewhat as kids age, 43% of teenagers up to 17 years old still report their smartphone activity being checked on by their parents.

Further figures show that 35% of parents check phones without their kids’ knowledge, whilst 25% of parents use their phones to track their children. Parents also keep track by keeping their kids on a “contract” of sorts that lays down rules about how and when kids may use their phones, including a curfew of sorts for switching off phones. Many teenagers are also either not allowed to keep their phones password locked, or are obliged to share the password with their parents.

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