4chan does it again: Xbox One users duped by prank

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 10 months ago)

People really shouldn't look to 4chan for technological tips and how-tos. After the notorious forum managed to convince an alarmingly high number of iPhone users that the new iOS 7 would make their phones waterproof, everyone should have known better before they read up about the Xbox One there. According to a hoax infographic created by the forum and claimed to be from Microsoft, there was a way to "hack" the Xbox One to provide backwards compatibility for its predecessor, the Xbox 360. What the instructions do instead is "brick" the console, making it completely unusable and, moreover, unfixable. The prank has hoodwinked so many users that Xbox Live's programming director Larry Hryb had to acknowledge it on Twitter, and warn users that no such hack exists. Microsoft has faced a huge number of problems since the launch of the Xbox One, and this latest interception from 4chan isn't helping. 

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