3D Printing Gets Glamorous with Victoria's Secret

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 9 months ago)

The science of 3D printing might seem like a topic for science nerds and technology geeks, but the futuristic invention has also been adopted by the fashion industry over the last few months. The latest in a line of wearable 3D creations can be seen paraded down a runway in none other than the famous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The famous fashion show, which airs December 10th after filming in mid-November, is all about the glamour, with intricate outfits always trying to outdo those seen in previous years. This year, there’s one outfit which will certainly be a tough act to follow: an elaborate snowflake bodice fitted exactly to its wearer’s measurements and coated in Swarovski ‘micro-crystals’. To top it all off- this outfit was created using the latest in 3D printing technology from Shapeways.

In search of a truly show-stopping piece, Victoria’s Secret teamed up with leading 3D printers Shapeways, who employed architect Bradley Rothenberg to design the intricately detailed piece. Printed in 1 millimeter thick white nylon, the design is made up of interlocking snowflakes which mesh together to create a stunning bodice.

Though you or I might not be able to pick up a custom 3D outfit of our own just yet, Rothenberg believes there is a great possibility that such innovation is not too far from becoming more accessible. “I think that 3D printing has a big possibility to change the industry as a whole. Specifically what we want to do is make wearable 3D printed stuff available to fashion designers.”

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